The Faces Of Forced Arbitration Project Launched At 2017 NELA Annual Convention

The Institute was proud to launch its groundbreaking project, The Faces of Forced Arbitration, at the 2017 NELA Annual Convention in June. Designed to serve as a platform for workers to tell their personal stories and share the real harm they endure when they lose their right to go to court, the first phase of this project focuses on how forced arbitration silences sexually harassed workers and allows systemic harassment to persist.

Read one such worker’s story and learn the facts about forced arbitration on the new Faces of Forced Arbitration page.

The Institute invites you to join us in helping to grow. We are seeking stories of people who have been forced to endure wage theft, violations of their civil rights, or other forms of workplace malfeasance, yet were denied the ability to be made whole because of a forced arbitration clause. Please share information about this project with your networks, and encourage the people you know who have been harmed by forced arbitration to speak up. If you know of any employees who would like to participate in this groundbreaking effort, please have them contact The Institute’s Paul H. Tobias Attorney Fellow Elizabeth Colman at

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