Institute Statement on the Death of Former Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder

The National Institute for Workers’ Rights and the National Employment Lawyers Association honor the life and memory of former Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder, who died on March 13th. It is especially fitting to recognize today, on Equal Pay Day, the strong and pioneering feminist that Ms. Schroeder was and her fiery dedication to women’s rights which inspired many strong, courageous women to continue that important work.

We also have Ms. Schroeder to thank for her early work in the fight for the needs of families in the workplace. She was a key leader in gaining the passage of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act in 1978 and the Family and Medical Leave Act in 1993. We honor her legacy by supporting passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act and continuing the fight for legislation that will bring greater justice and equity to women in the workplace.

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