Kazan McClain Partners’ Foundation Renews Support for Employee Rights Advocacy Scholarship Program

The Institute is proud to announce that the Kazan McClain Partners’ Foundation recently renewed its leadership support of The Employee Rights Advocacy Scholarship Program for another year.

The Foundation has provided funding every year since The Scholarship Program’s inception in 2007 to help guarantee that all workers — especially those most vulnerable to illegal employment practices — receive expert legal representation when they are unlawfully mistreated in the workplace.

This generous commitment has made it possible for us to provide $218,354 in scholarships to more than 240 employee rights advocates to attend NELA’s nationally renowned continuing legal education programs, which are uniquely designed for attorneys who represent employees in cases involving employment discrimination, wage and hour violations, and other employment-related matters.

The Scholarship Program makes these opportunities accessible to public interest, legal services, and private practitioners who would not be able to attend them without financial assistance.


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