The Institute Publishes “Taking ‘Forced’ Out Of Arbitration: How Forced Arbitration Harms America’s Workers”

The Institute is pleased to announce the publication of Taking “Forced” Out Of Arbitration: How Forced Arbitration Harms America’s Workers. Its purpose is to inform and influence a broad audience, including public officials, policy makers, the press, and members of the general public, about forced arbitration of workplace disputes and why it should be abolished. Special efforts are being made to reach immigrant, low wage, and other workers particularly vulnerable to unlawful employment practices. The pamphlet has been translated into Chinese and Spanish.

Taking “Forced” Out Of Arbitration is a simple and effective tool to educate others about the necessity of ending forced arbitration, a pervasive and insidious business practice which deprives millions of workers access to the courts when their employers violate our nation’s employment and civil rights laws. It describes forced arbitration in plain language; carefully delineates the reasons why forced arbitration harms employees and results in poor outcomes; makes a compelling case for federal legislation banning the practice; and includes stories that provide real world examples of the negative impact of forced arbitration on workers.

We are proud of The Institute’s latest contribution to the movement to end forced arbitration in the workplace. We look forward to sharing it with you, and hope that you will help us spread the word about Taking “Forced” Out Of Arbitration. If you would like print copies for yourself or others, please contact Elizabeth Colman, The Institute’s Paul H. Tobias Attorney Fellow (415) 296-7629;

Taking “Forced” Out Of Arbitration was made possible by a grant from the Public Welfare Foundation, which has been a major supporter of The Institute’s “Strategic Public Education Campaign To End Forced Arbitration Of Employment Disputes.”

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