Forced Arbitration: A Race To The Bottom

Building on our earlier Institute report by Prof. Imre Szalai of the Loyola College of Law, Forced Arbitration: A Race To The Bottom breaks down the “what, how, & why” of forced arbitration and reveals that at least 52 Fortune 100 companies use forced arbitration in their employment contracts. Of those, 30 also ban employees from joining any class, collective, or joint legal actions when wronged in the workplace—a number that is likely to increase in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in Epic Systems v. Lewis. The report also explores some of the state and federal legislative solutions that potentially are available to protect workers from this harmful practice.

By identifying which of America’s most powerful companies have imposed arbitration on employees, this report makes a unique and essential contribution to the public’s understanding of the magnitude of the threat forced arbitration poses to America’s workers.

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